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Our Story


​Hi, my name is Eman, and I am the founder of Hala's Grill. Hala is the name of my sweet young daughter, to whom I owe the world, but it also carries another meaning. In Arabic, Hala means welcome, and that is my mission in creating this restaurant: to build a welcoming environment with food and service that feels like home. Everyone is welcome at Hala's!


When it comes to cooking, I have always been passionate about food and hospitality. I grew up in Jordan, where my family had a rich tradition of Mediterranean cooking that I hope to carry on in America.


Years ago, I was an Area Supervisor for a major pizza restaurant, but I decided to leave the corporate world to create something more authentic. I opened up a hole-in-the wall diner in Chicago where I worked for five years, building what quickly became a local favorite. My restaurant was even named in the Top Small Ethnic Restaurants of Chicago by NPR

When my two eldest sons (twins!) headed to college at Purdue, I saw an opportunity and knew I had something to offer.  


I moved to the Lafayette area to open this restaurant and fill a much needed niche, providing the area with a fresh take on authentic Mediterranean Cuisine. 

I personally make frequent trips to Chicago to source only the best meats and vegetables available. I take great pride in serving you the best homestyle meals. I would be honored if you would come and try my cooking!


Choose Your Own Adventure

Come explore all that our menu has to offer. With our counter-serve, customizable bowl setup, the possibilities are endless (and always delicious)!

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